Gender, family and bodies in everyday life

The work of Marjorie Murray within this anillo proyect seeks to explore – from the basis of the everyday life of women – how they relate with social policies oriented to health, parenthood and gender.


Paulina Salinas • Main Researcher

Paulina Salinas Meruane PhD in Social Sciences from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. She works as a full professor at the School of Journalism at the Humanities Faculty of the Universidad Católica del Norte. She is the Main Researcher for Line 1 of the Anillos Project: Gender, Care and Family. 

Since 2012 she has been working as a researcher responsible for Fondecyt projects. She currently directs the Regular project No. 1180016 (2018-2021), on Occupational Segregation by Sex. Ethnography of symbolic and non-symbolic interactions in technical and university training for mixed mining in 2035. Its objective is to unveil the different forms of discrimination that women experience in mining-oriented careers. Her lines of research and publications are related to studies on Gender, Speech, Mining and the Labor Market.

Marjorie Murray • Associated Researcher

Marjorie Murray is Associate Professor and Director of the Anthropology Program of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is also Principal Investigator of the CIIR Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies (CONICYT-FONDAP), where she leads the line of research on Difference, Coexistence and Citizenship. Dr. Murray has experience in comparative ethnographic research in parenting, particularly during early childhood. She completed a research project in which she studied early motherhood in different social classes in Santiago and Mapuche in the Araucanía in Chile (FONDECYT Iniciación en Investigación- CONICYT). She has also studied changes in parental practices and early socialization in Mapuche children in southern Chile, addressing the interweaving of parenting, kinship and personhood in the framework of the participation of experts and the State in childrearing. Currently, she leads a project FONDECYT Regular (2018-2020) entitled Parenting at the crossroads: a study of early childhood, care and mobility in an intercultural context in Santiago de Chile, which seeks to understand and characterize parenting and care during early childhood in Chilean and Mapuche families experiencing social mobility and migration.

Sofía Valdivieso • Research assistant

My name is Sofia Valdivieso and I am working as a research assistant in the “Gender, family and bodies in everyday life” topic of the ENA Project. I am a graduate of anthropology of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. During the second semester of 2018 I participated in a research to get my degree  as a Social Anthropologist in the framework of the Regular Fondecyt “Turismo y Pueblos Indígenas: Estudio de discursos, prácticas y políticas públicas en tres territorios de Chile”, where I worked with Mapuche women with tourism entrepreneurships. I am interested in topics related to gender, interculturality and social policies.