Talks in Public Schools:

Social Anthropology: vocational talk for Liceo los Almendros, La Florida

August 22, 2019

On August 22nd, a team composed by two research assistants of our project, gave a talk to secondary students of Liceo Los Almendros in La Florida, oriented towards anthropology as a profession and ethnography as a professional practice. The talk was made possible by the psychology department of the school, and consisted mainly of ENA team members sharing their working experience and investigational practices within the project. We believe ethnography as a professional practice, to be one of the deepest approximations to social phenomena and as such, a really good professional option for those young students considering developing a career on social sciences or humanities. Students from Liceo los Almendros showed la lot of interest towards Anthropology and expressed surprise for the team’s professional experiences, which were unknown to them up to that moment.